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Thank you for your interest in AIDS-Free World's Legal Resource Guide.

The Legal Resource Guide is a listing of organizations around the world that provide free legal information, services, and other legal assistance to individuals facing human rights challenges, and particularly to persons living with HIV. The Resource Guide was originally prepared as a tool to assist the volunteer attorneys who offer free legal consultations at AIDS-Free World's Legal Consultation Centers. In addition to being used at upcoming Legal Consultation Centers, the Legal Resource Guide will soon be available online in a searchable database, and will be continuously updated with information received directly from the listed organizations.

If your organization provides any form of free legal assistance, we encourage you to enter your information below. Note that any questions ending with an * are required, and must be filled in before the form can be submitted. If you have any comments or questions as you complete the form, please enter them in the last box at the end of the form.

After completing the form, you will receive an email with a summary of the information. Because we want the Guide to be a useful tool for those needing assistance, it is critical that the information stays current.  The email will also contain instructions on how to update your information.

Thank you again for the work you do, and for being a part of the Legal Resource Guide.  

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