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The Code Blue Campaign aims to end impunity for sexual abuse by UN peacekeeping personnel.


AIDS-Free World's Code Blue Campaign seeks to end impunity for sexual abuse by UN peacekeeping personnel. This includes removing barriers to justice for victims, and establishing a fair and transparent system of justice where victims’ needs are incorporated and respected.

The Campaign’s approach is rooted in a steadfast belief in multilateralism and the importance of peacekeeping to help fragile societies emerge from conflict. The Campaign affirms that the UN can and should be the ‘gold standard,’ leading the way on protecting civilians and addressing abuses wherever they occur.

However, for nearly two decades, UN-mandated peacekeepers – both military and non-military personnel – have been embroiled in sexual abuse scandals. With victims instructed to bring criminal complaints against UN peacekeepers to the UN itself, justice is rarely achieved. In the best scenarios, complaints may be handled as an administrative matter resulting in the firing of an official (for a non-military UN official) or tried in a courtroom thousands of miles from the crime scene (for a soldier.) Either way, the victim is rarely involved or even informed, and basic principles of justice are contravened. The Code Blue Campaign seeks to right this injustice.

 UN Photo / Sylvain Liechti

UN Photo / Sylvain Liechti