We use high-level advocacy, strategic communications, and creative legal approaches to bring about systemic change.



We focus on the root causes.

As an advocacy organization, we work to address the root causes of a global epidemic that gained its solid footing in man-made societies that subordinate, disenfranchise, marginalize, oppress, and violate the rights and freedoms of certain people: women and girls; racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities; people with physical and mental disabilities; people who engage in activities deemed socially unacceptable in order to survive or numb themselves to injustices (injecting drug users, sex workers). 

The power imbalances and social injustices in the world are never more blatantly demonstrated than in matters of sex and reproduction. AIDS has shown the world just how vulnerable humankind is: even if an overnight cure for HIV were discovered tomorrow, the next lethal sexually transmitted virus to emerge would take advantage of the very same, unaddressed social ills, and would just as quickly explode into a global epidemic. If the international community does not address the root causes of HIV once and for all, the global health crisis will never end.



We hold the standard-bearers to account.

on those in positions of power and influence—because when they reinforce discriminatory practices and unjust laws, it's not only unfair and wrong, it's counterproductive.

With decades of experience and powerful credentials, we exercise a kind of big-picture influence that works because we are in the room with the men and women who make, and often break, policy.

At AIDS-Free World, we are multilateralists to our very core. We know that while international institutions can represent the best of our humanity, they are also man-made. They can fall prey to double-standards and failures of leadership. Too often, institutions created to expose and address double-standards and social injustices don't practice what they preach.
That's why we focus our advocacy at the top—


Advocacy means...


...speaking out against rape and sexual violence committed with impunity, and suggesting solutions to to address the injustice.

...reaching out to other vulnerable communities, like the differently-abled, to marshal resources and achieve greater results.

...stamping out the scourge of homophobia—social and legislated—which pushes gay men away from testing, prevention, and treatment and closer to life-threatening behavior.

...ending the transmission of HIV between mother and child, without jeopardizing the health of either.

With a broad lens, unafraid of large-scale ideas, and beholden to no one, we make change happen.