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Sexual harassment and assault rife at United Nations, staff claim

January 18, 2018: The Guardian's Rebecca Ratcliffe delves into the UN's culture of impunity regarding sexual harassment and assault among UN staff. Paula Donovan, Co-Director of AIDS-Free World and its Code Blue Campaign, comments. (Photo:

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A growing problem: U.N. peacekeepers accused of rape

October 12, 2017: Yahoo News' Michael Walsh reports on the latest allegation of sexual exploitation and abuse by a UN peacekeeper in the Central African Republic. The Code Blue Campaign's Paula Donovan comments on the enormous extent of the problem, "present in UN missions around the world." (UN Photo / Marie Frechon)

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UN: Teenage Girl Alleges Sex Abuse by Peacekeeper in CAR

October 11, 2017: A new allegation of sexual abuse by a UN peacekeeper, against a teenage girl in the Central African Republic, surfaced after Amnesty International publicly reported the allegation. AP references the Code Blue Campaign's report on leaked UN fact-finding inquiries into sexual exploitation and abuse allegations in the Central African Republic. (UN Photo / Sylvain Liechti)

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