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The Lancet Special Report: Claims of sexual harassment and assault threaten UN agency

April 17, 2018: In a special in-depth report, The Lancet's John Zarocostas reports on the mishandling of sexual harassment and assault claims at UNAIDS, and mounting pressure on its Executive Director. Code Blue's Paula Donovan remarks on the UN's flawed internal system and calls for Temporary Independent Oversight Panel to closely monitor and evaluate, in real time, the UN’s response to individual allegations of sexualised offences. (Photo: WikiCommons)

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Foreign Policy: How U.N. Sexual Assault Investigations Die in Darkness

March 8, 2018: Foreign Policy's Lauren Wolfe examines leaked reports on the mishandling of a sexual assault investigation in UNAIDS, revealing the UN's faulty investigative standards and a deep-rooted culture of impunity when it comes to sexual harassment and sexual assault. (UN Photo / Milton Grant)

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