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Thomson Reuters Foundation: Victims of fake AIDS treatment sue Gambia's ex-ruler

May 31, 2018: Thomson Reuters Foundation’s Nellie Peyton reports on the legal action filed today by victims of Yahya Jammeh’s fake HIV and AIDS “cure” against the former dictator. (UN Photo / Mark Garten)

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AP: Gambians file suit against ex-leader over alleged HIV ‘cure’

May 31, 2018: AP’s Carley Petesch reports on the filing of a legal action against the ex-dictator of The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, for his fraudulent HIV ‘treatment programme’. (UN Photo /

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Bhekisisa: 'No sex, no coffee, no ARVs': Will victims of Aids quackery see justice?

April 24, 2018: In Bhekisisa, Fatou Jatta, a survivor of Yahya Jammeh’s fraudulent HIV “cure” shares her story, and Legal Research and Policy Associate, Sarah Bosha explains AIDS-Free World’s work to get justice for survivors in The Gambia. (Photo: ©AIDS-Free World)

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