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Toronto Star: Safer pharmaceuticals needed for multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis

September 25, 2018: In an Op-ed in the Toronto Star on the eve of the UN’s first High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis, AIDS-Free World’s Stephen Lewis and Georgia White appeal for safer drugs to battle multi-drug-resistant TB. (Photo: ©AIDS-Free World)

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Haitian Times: Haiti UN Mission Leaving Under Cloud Of Scandal

June 2, 2017: As Haiti's UN mission winds down, Code Blue's Paula Donovan highlights ongoing impunity for sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeeping personnel. (UN Photo / Logan Abassi)

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Fox: UN sexual abuse must stop. We need a new and independent court to make that happen

April 18, 2017: In a new op-ed, Paula Donovan argues that we need a new independent special court mechanism to address sexual abuse by UN peacekeeping personnel. (UN Photo / Myriam Asmani)

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