Volunteer for the Legal Consultation Center

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Are you a lawyer, specialized in HIV and the law, or human rights, and attending the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) in Côte D'Ivoire in December 2017?  AIDS-Free World is looking for volunteers to offer their time at our Legal Consultation Center at ICASA 2017.  (Read more about our Legal Consultation Centers here.) 

Throughout the conference, AIDS-Free World will host a rotating roster of lawyers from around the world at its booth in the Community Village. Conference delegates and members of the public can come to the booth and talk face-to-face with a volunteer lawyer, free of charge. Whether they’re seeking information on HIV criminalization, workplace discrimination, disclosing their status, or any other pressing question, people can use the consultation to discuss the challenges they’re facing and learn more about the resources available in their own communities.

(Please note that unfortunately AIDS-Free World cannot provide any funding or compensation to attend the conference.)

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